M-8 Export Data

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M-8 Export Data

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General Information

You may want to copy data from your Frazer system and load it into another software program, spreadsheet or database. This can typically be achieved by creating an ASCII file from the Frazer system.  This file will be in a comma delimited format (CSV) and you will need to determine the steps for loading this file into the other program.  You have the option of specifying what information from Frazer that you need in the file.  The Frazer system has the capability for storing these specifications for four separate files.

Helpful Hints

This program will only create a file that can be loaded into another system.  You will still need to determine the steps required to load the file into the other system.


If you are loading your data into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, you will need to change the "Delimeters" option from tab to comma.

How Do I Get There?

Select Miscellaneous from the main gray Frazer screen

Select Option 8 – Export Data



Step By Step


Select Miscellaneous from the main gray Frazer screen, then select Option 8 – Export Data.


Select a file number.  It makes the most sense to start with file number 1.  If you need to create different files with different data in them then you can use the other file numbers. Once you determine what data is to be included in the file and save this information, the system will remember what was selected.


Select what sales or vehicles to include in your file, and specify where to create the file.  Enter a drive letter such as A or C. For example, the file can be copied to your hard drive (typically the C drive), floppy drive (typically the A drive), or any other drive you may have installed.


Place a check mark by any of the data that you want to include in the file.


Click on the Save File Specifications button if you want to always include this same data when you select file 1.


Click on the Create File button.

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