M-4 Audit File Reporting

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M-4 Audit File Reporting

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General Information

Audit File Reporting is a great tool that tracks changes that have been made to data in your FRAZER system.  Changes such as deleting a payment or cancelling a sale are included in the audit file.  If you are using user IDs and passwords, the audit trail will also display who performed each of the transactions listed.  There are options to see all audit trail information for a range of dates for all customers or you can see the audit trail information for one specific customer.

Helpful Hints

You can limit who has access to view and print the audit trail information by establishing either system or individual passwords.

The Audit Trail File can not be deleted since it provides you with critical information regarding the data in your system.

How Do I Get There?

1.        Select Miscellaneous at the top of the main Frazer screen.

2.        Select Option 4 – Audit File Reporting.


Alternate Path:

1.        Click on the Customer Activity button.

2.        Select the customer.

3.        Click on the Select button.

4.        Click on the M-Audit Trail Reporting button.