Process Repossession

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Process Repossession

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This screen is accessed from a customer's Customer Activity window by selecting b-customerprocessing and then selecting g-processreposession.


Use the Repossession Processing window to record the repossession status of vehicles. A repossession fee may be charged to the customer AFTER the "Date repossessed / returned" field is filled in. The amount of the repossession fee will show in the Fees Balance portion of the customer balance area on the main screen.


If a repossession needs to be updated or deleted, click the ReviewOrChangePreviousRepossessions button.


Should a customer make a qualifying payment to redeem the vehicle, enter the repossession screen from Customer Activity > B) Customer Processing > G - Process Repossession and enter the date of redemption in the appropriate field.




dollarsClick Here to see how Repossessions affect the General Ledger


*** A repossession will not automatically write-off the customer.***



*** A repossession will not automatically write-off the customer.***

To write-off the customer, select b-customerprocessing and then h-processwriteoff (click button to learn more) from the customer activity window.