Recommended Printers

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Recommended Printers

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To print white paper (or plain paper) forms, receipts, and reports from Frazer, an officejet, laserjet, or inkjet printer is recommended.  Many white paper forms are in a PDF format and cannot be printed on a dot matrix printer.


Often times dealers will ask us what types of printers we recommend on the laser side. Most dealers have some combination of Brother, HP, or Canon printers. All of these manufacturers have their benefits. We've had good luck in the past with Brother Printers specifically.



Pre-printed and multi-part forms can only be printed on a dot matrix printer.  The brand of printer compatible with the Frazer software is Okidata.



*** We provide support for several models of the Okidata printer including: ML 320, ML 321, ML 420, ML 421, ML 520, and ML 521.  The most common are the Microline 320 Turbo or the Microline 321 Turbo.


*** If your state or lender requires a wide form, be sure the printer you purchase accommodates that width (i.e. the ML 321, 421, or 521.)


*** The printer MUST have the option to go into IBM Pro Printer mode for it to be programmed to work with  Frazer. Most models with four digit model numbers are not compatible with Frazer, with the exception of the Okidata 3410. The Okidata 1120 will go into IBM mode, however, it does not accommodate the longer forms properly despite selected menu settings.


***If you are not sure if the printer you are considering is compatible with Frazer, please call 888-963-5369 or email



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