How to Add Forms to the Frazer System

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How to Add Forms to the Frazer System

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The Frazer program will include a default list of forms common to the dealership's state of residence


If the list does not specifically include programming for forms being used by your dealership, email, with a list of the forms you require. Please include the name of the form, the form code from the top or the bottom, and the revision date. A representative will search the current forms database for the programming and email an update back to add those forms to the forms printing list.


If the form is plain white paper and is not yet in the Frazer library or is a custom form, you should attach a copy of the original editable PDF or word document to the email you send.

If the form is pre-printed has not yet been programmed by Frazer, please mail three (3) originals of the form. Do not fold the forms too many times and use the largest envelope possible to accommodate the unfolded forms.

Be sure to include your dealership's company information, and a contact name and phone number, in case we have any questions.

Email to:


Mail forms to:

Frazer Computing, LLC.

P.O. Box 569

Canton, NY 13617


UPS, FedEx, and DHL to:

Frazer Computing, LLC.

6196 U.S. Hwy 11

Canton, NY 13617





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