Enter Payments and Other Transactions

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Enter Payments and Other Transactions

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This screen is accessed by selecting a-enterpayments from a customer's Customer Activity window.

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dollarsClick Here to see how Entering a Payment affects the General Ledger



Transaction Type

There are 13 different types of transactions to choose from. You must select your transaction type before you enter the payment amount.

They include:

Payment - Cash

Payment - Check

Payment - ACH

Payment - Money Order

Payment - Credit Card

Payment - Debit Card

Payment - Cashier's Check

Add Late Fee

Add Other Fees

Forgive Charge

Bad Check


Card Chargeback


Payment Transactions:

You can designate how your payment was received.


Manual Fees:

You have the ability to assess "other fees" for any reason and manual "Late fees" from the drop down. Other than being added manually the function the same as other fees.


Forgive Charge

Enter a Forgive Payment to Credit the Customers account, but not show that any money was received by the dealership.


dollarsClick Here to see how Entering a Forgive Charge affects the General Ledger


Bad Check / Bad ACH / Card Chargeback (Electronic payments only)

Selecting one of these transactions for ACH or Chargeback will give you the ability to select the bad payment and have all balances reverse automatically. For Bad Check, you have the ability to select from a list the bad check (using the customer's transaction history) OR you may enter the check number and have the system auto-fill the rest of the amounts.

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Payment Date

You may either type in the date or click calendar to bring up a calendar to help you select the correct payment date. You may backdate payments up to 999 days.

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You may enter a description, or use the description that automatically comes from the transaction type.

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Initials are required in order to save a sale. If each user has their own login and password, that information will be used in lieu of manual initials entry.

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Apply Payment to:

Once you have entered the amount of the payment, you may choose which part(s) of the balance to apply the payment towards.


Two system options can affect this area: one requires the fee balance to be first in line for payment money, while the other requires the contract balance to be paid off before applying money towards the fee balance. Un-checking both options removes all restrictions.

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