Printing Forms on the Okidata Printer

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Printing Forms on the Okidata Printer

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Be sure that a setup of the Okidata printer has been completed. See Setting Up Your Okidata 320 Turbo.



To print a pre-printed document, confirm that the Form Code and Revision Date on the form itself matches the form selected in the FormsPrintingButton screen.





Once complete, assuming both the form code and version match on both your physical form and what's listed in your "print forms" list in Frazer, the dot matrix printer of your choosing should fill in the form in the appropriate boxes. Occasionally, even with the right settings, things just aren't lining up. To troubleshoot this try checking out Frazer's Okidata alignment checklist (Okidata only). If everything checks out OR you're using an Epson printer and the forms are still not lining up, give Frazer's tech support a call at 888-963-5369.


If either the Code or Version do not match what is printed on the contract, the form may not align properly in places.  Please call Frazer at 1-888-963-5369 to obtain the correct version of the form.



When first loading a pre-printed form into the Okidata ML 320 Turbo, be sure that the form loads in straight and that the top of the form is even with the red line on the clear plastic piece, or sometimes even up to 1/8" above it. If the paper loads crookedly or does not reach the red line, press FF/LOAD to eject the paper, then try again to reload the paper.



If the printer has a paper jam or pushing FF/LOAD does not eject the paper, be sure to TURN OFF the printer before attempting to remove the paper. Turning the side dial with the printer on will change the settings on the printer and it will not align properly until set up again.



If the paper comes up below the red line, the Top Of Form may need to be reset.


To do so, remove all paper, turn off the printer, then hold the PARK and QUIET buttons on the front of the printer as the printer is turned on.  


Let go of the buttons when the cartridge stops moving, load a regular sheet of paper,  then press and hold SHIFT + LF until the paper stops moving. The top of the paper should then be even with the red line or no more than 1/8" above it.



The ALARM light must be off when the paper is loaded and on when there is no paper in the printer.  If the ALARM light does not turn on after the paper is ejected, press FF/LOAD.  



After selecting the proper form in the FormsPrintingButton list, and printing to the Okidata printer, be sure to press the FF/LOAD button.  This ensures that the printer retains its settings and is ready for the next contract to be loaded for printing.  



If the printer is missing parts or has a hardware issue, the phone number for Okidata is 1-800-654-3282.



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