Slow-Running Frazer

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Slow-Running Frazer

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General Information

If the Frazer System is running slowly, it could be from a number of different problems:

Frazer is a desktop application. If you have multiple computers networked on your lot sharing Frazer, it is possible that network issues are causing your computer to run slower than usual.

Also, it is possible that your computer has been infested with viruses or ad/spyware.  If this is the case, there are multiple anti-virus, anti-ad and anti-spy programs available on the internet that may solve the problem.

To determine the cause of the slow down, you may require on-site tech support.

Click here to view the System Requirement Details, and Network Setup Recommendations, to make Frazer run most efficiently.

Feel free to call our support staff if your Frazer software is the only program that seems to be running slowly.