Technical Specifications

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Technical Specifications

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System Requirement Details


Frazer Dealer Management Software requires the following minimum technical specifications:


- Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista (Note: Frazer is unavailable for Windows RT and Apple – Mac)


- 2 GHz processor (3.2 GHz or equivalent recommended)


- 1 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)


- 500 MB of free hard disk space (2GB recommended)


- 1024 x 768 Screen Resolution


- User Account Control (UAC) must be on in operating systems in which it is available


Network Setup Recommendations


Frazer Dealer Management Software has the following recommendations if using the software over a network:


- Minimum 100 Mbps network interfaces on all PCs


- Hardwired Ethernet connections (wireless networks can have frequent interruptions in service)


- Use of a single router whenever possible (multiple routers within a network can be problematic)


- All shared computers should be in the same sub-net and Windows workgroup (Private or Work Network - No Homegroups)


- Windows updates kept current on all machines


- Protect all computers with an updated antivirus program (uninstall all expired antivirus programs)


- Server access via internet or within network may be required for technical support


Domain Users - Technical Support may be limited for users in a domain. Have your System Administrator contact information for us to better server you!


Install Path - By default the Frazer program is loaded to a file named Frazer30 on the C drive. There will also be a secondary folder named Frazer Print.


Frazer SQL users will have an additional Frazer PostgreSQL folder that manages the Frazer database. The windows service pgsql-8.3 needs to be running in order for Frazer to access the database.


Firewall - If planning to locally network Frazer, please add a firewall exception for the Frazer Program to your current antivirus/firewall program.


FTP - If doing vehicle uploads Frazer may sometimes use both passive or active FTP. Please adjust your firewall accordingly. When in doubt allow full access.


Frazer SQL users will also require an exception for port 5432 in order to share the database over the network.


Power Settings - Please make sure server or main computer is up and running and set to not hibernate at times when users are connected...and also at time of any vehicle uploads, or automatic back ups.


Administrative Passwords - While we understand the need to prevent certain users from accessing or changing certain things, please ensure that someone at the location has access to administrative logins and passwords.


Networking Frazer