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SpinCar's new integration with Frazer offers you a new and exciting approach to engaging with your customers online. SpinCar offers users a virtual reality tour of any given vehicle on your lot as well the tools to streamline your photo taking process.


Let's watch a video! (Click to play.)



As you can see SpinCar offers many advantages to standard vehicle photos including:

A digital demo of the vehicle, both inside and out.

Customizable "hotspots", where customers can click on certain features and gather more information.

Specialty software and hardware meant to streamline your photo process as well as ensure consistent quality.


What is Frazer's part in all of this?
Both Frazer and SpinCar recognize that your website may not be the only online advertising or presence that your dealership has. Therefore Frazer offers a photo import from SpinCar, that will automatically pull photos into Frazer, and make them available for distribution to other websites. For detailed instructions on the photo import, click here.


If you're ready to sign up for SpinCar, click here.