V-4 Floor Plan Companies

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V-4 Floor Plan Companies

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General Information




You can store information on more than one Floor Plan company in the system.  The following information can be entered and maintained for multiple floor plan companies.

RATE:  This is the default APR rate that the floor plan company is charging you for the Floor Plan.  You can change this for each floor plan you choose.

FEES: Set up the standard fees that your floorplan will follow.

FLOOR PLAN DAYS:  This is used to calculate your up to date cost.  Most companies use a 365 day year when calculating floor plan cost.  If you are working with a company that uses a 360 day year then change it here.


Terms: How long will your floor plan last?





For more information about using the floor plan tab:


Click here for an overview of the legacy floor plan tab.


Click here for an overview of the new (coming soon!) floor plan tab.