Credit Reporting Agencies

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Credit Reporting Agencies

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Hutchins Systems, Inc.






Experian has no minimum account volume requirements.

Contact Experian at 800-831-5614 extension 3 to request a new membership package kit and a Vendor Identification Number.


Hutchins Systems’ (Credit Time 2000©) Metro 2® credit reporting software has been approved by Experian as a preferred vendor for small to medium companies which only have a small to medium volume of accounts to report.


The minimum requirement for reporting to TransUnion is 100 accounts for the first month only.

Contact TransUnion at 866-922-2100 extension 3 or



Equifax requires a minimum of 500 open accounts in order to report directly to them, and the accounts must have a balance.

Equifax can be contacted at 888-202-4025 or



Innovis requires a minimum of 5,000 accounts for direct reporting.

Contact Innovis at 866-391-5484 or



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