Standard Account Status Codes

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Standard Account Status Codes

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Below is a listing of common account status codes:
Automatically Generated Codes (these cannot be manually entered)

05   Account Transferred to another office
11   Current Account
71   Account 30 days past the due date
78   Account 60 days past the due date
80   Account 90 days past the due date
82   Account 120 days past the due date
83   Account 150 days past the due date
84   Account 180 days past the due date
95   Voluntary Surrender
96   Merchandise was repossessed by credit grantor; there may be a balance due
97   Unpaid balance reported as a loss by credit grantor (charge off)
Manual Codes for Zero Balance Accounts (the account must have a zero balance before you can enter these manual codes)

13   Paid or closed account/zero balance

61   Account paid in full was a voluntary surrender
62   Account paid in full was a collection account, insurance claim or government claim
63   Account paid in full was a repossession
64   Account paid in full was a charge off
65   Account paid in full. A foreclosure was started
94   Foreclosure/credit grantor sold collateral to settle defaulted mortgage
Manual Codes for accounts with a balance

88    Claim filed with government for insured portion of balance
93    Account seriously past due and/or assigned to internal or external collections
DA   Delete entire account (for reasons other than fraud)
DF   Delete entire account due to confirmed fraud (fraud investigation completed)