The K2 Segment

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The K2 Segment

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If you report credit, you may have noticed that Frazer added a temporary pop-up when you accessed Customers > 5 - Credit Reporting.  For dealers that both report credit as well as purchase or sell accounts you may be required to add additional information to your Metro2 file.


This new chunk of the metro2 is referred to as the "K2 Segment". Setting up your credit report to include this piece of information is a quick 2-step process.





First, communicate with the bureau(s) you're reporting to and make sure they require the K2 Segment. Assuming it is required, the next step is to enable it in Frazer. To find the checkbox for the K2 portion, navigate to Customers > 5 - Credit Reporting. Next, click the "settings" button to expand the settings menu and check the box to include the "K2 Segment."




To add K2 information on a customer's account, simply open the account in Customer Activity, and navigate to B) Customer Processing > A - Customer Information and Costs > Credit Reporting / Bankruptcy (tab). From there, look for the section where you may input the K2 information.