V-C Frazer Sidekick

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V-C Frazer Sidekick

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Welcome to Frazer Sidekick!
The Frazer Mobile App - Never Lose Touch With Your Inventory









-Features include:


VIN Scanner! Use Sidekick's VIN scanner to add vehicles right on your phone!

Take vehicle photos – they go directly into Frazer

View detailed vehicle information, including photos, prices, and costs

Review all vehicle activity such as vehicle location and recon plans

Add activity items on the go - they go right into Frazer

Design your own reports to view on your device



- Sidekick comes free with your Frazer subscription


- Everyone in your dealership can access it from their smartphone or tablet


- Available on both Android and Apple iOS devices



Click below to get started. It's easy!


Detailed Set-up and Installation(Start Here)


Frazer Sidekick User Guide