Frazer Sidekick App

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Frazer Sidekick App

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Welcome to Frazer Sidekick!

The Frazer Mobile App - Never Lose Touch With Your Inventory









-Features include:


VIN Scanner! Use Sidekick's VIN scanner to add vehicles right on your phone!

View detailed vehicle information, including photos, prices, and costs

Take vehicle photos – they go directly into Frazer

Review all vehicle activity such as vehicle location and recon plans

Add activity items on the go - they go right into Frazer

Design your own reports to view on your device



- Sidekick comes free with your Frazer subscription


- Everyone in your dealership can access it from their smartphone or tablet


- Available on both Android and Apple iOS devices



Click below to get started. It's easy!


Detailed Set-up and Installation(Start Here)


Frazer Sidekick User Guide