Hosted Frazer Credentials

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Hosted Frazer Credentials

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One of the more confusing aspects of switching your dealership over to Hosted Frazer is the new set of credentials that you are sent. What the heck are these things for?


In simple terms, the credentials for Hosted Frazer are for access to the Hosted server (the cloud computer that your Frazer program is installed on) itself. Once you've gained access to the server, you will use your normal Frazer credentials. (Frazer's credentials are typically your email and password that you've probably had in place for quite a while now.)
Great! Got it?


Frazer's customer service reps spend a lot of time each week talking to dealers who are trying to log in to Hosted Frazer for the first time. Often, they spend a lot of time explaining why a dealer suddenly needs 2 user names and passwords. Let's explore Hosted's credentials a little more in depth.
To better explain Hosted Frazer's credentials, let's think about them in terms of security. The set of credentials sent to you from Frazer's Hosted team is like a security card that grants you access to the building where your office is. (In this case the office building is the cloud server that hosts your Frazer database.) Your Frazer credential is the key you would use to open up your individual office. Once inside Frazer (your office) you are able to conduct business as you normally would.
Windows / Hosted Frazer Credentials


All Windows computers use user names and passwords. When you turn your computer on in the morning you may be met with a screen that looks like this:




This is your Windows log in screen. From here you would enter your password, or if you're not the user displayed you may click on your user in the bottom left hand corner. Some Windows computers may skip this screen, but that is only because someone at the dealership has set windows to auto-launch. Rest assured, there is still a user being logged in.


Once you log in, you have access to the PC and can conduct your business. When you sign up for Hosted Frazer, a member of Frazer's Hosted team is setting up a brand new computer for you (located in the cloud), as well as setting up the user accounts for all of your employees that need access. You may not see this exact log in screen using a Windows Remote Desktop or Frazer's Hosted Client but internally Windows is using the same process. With your Hosted credentials in place you can gain access to the server where your Frazer database lives.
Typically speaking, the first time you try to access Hosted Frazer, Windows will prompt you for your credentials:




These credentials should have been provided to you in an email from the Hosted Frazer team. When you enter the credentials for the first time, don't forget to add "hostedfrazer\" before your actual user name. At the expense of getting too technical, this is something that is required so that Windows knows how to properly access your Hosted Server. Someone much smarter than this article writer could probably get you a more long winded explanation.
Once you've entered your credentials, don't forget to check the box to "Remember me." This will keep these credentials stored and bypass having to enter them each time!


Note: If more than one person shares a computer and you use separate user names, you may choose to skip the "remember me" option.


Logging into the Hosted Server is step 1


Once you've gained access to the server either via Remote Desktop or through Frazer's Hosted Client, you will have access to the Frazer program. When accessing Frazer you will be prompted for yet another set of login credentials.  




For most dealers, you will use the same credentials you have been using to access Frazer. Once you've entered your Frazer login information, use of Frazer will be the same as you've grown accustomed to.


However for some, as a condition of switching to Hosted Frazer, you may be using and experiencing our Password system for the first time! For a more detailed look at Frazer's password system, check out our help manual article!