Hosted Frazer

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Hosted Frazer

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Hosted Frazer Topics:

A guide to understanding Hosted Frazer Credentials

Setting up Frazer Client

Printing in Hosted Frazer

Using Quickbooks with Hosted Frazer




Hosted Frazer Pricing and Overview






What is Hosted Frazer?

Hosted Frazer is the same Frazer you are using now, just running on an Amazon Cloud server. All data and settings you have in Frazer now will be carried over and once you are moved over, you will be able to access your Frazer system from any Windows PC with an internet connection. You can also log in from a Mac as well, although it is done through Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the AppStore, and our support for that is limited.


I'm interested! How can I sign up?

• Click Sign Up Button in this article. This will take you to an info submission form.

• Complete the form that opens to submit the information we need to continue

• Submit Ownership Verification if you haven't done so yet.

• We'll call you to schedule your move to Hosted Frazer.


When we receive your information, we will begin setting up your server and will be able to schedule a time with you to get moved over. It typically takes 1-2 business days for the server to be prepared, and once that is complete we reach out to you at the phone number that you provide to schedule a time. The move to Hosted usually takes from 45 minutes to an hour where you won't have access to Frazer. We will work with you to figure out the best time to move you over.

How do users work?

For each person that needs access to your Frazer system, they will need a user license to log in. If you have multiple people that share a computer, you may be able to have only one user for that computer. For example, if you had 3 salesmen that shared a computer to enter deals, you could get one user named SalesDesk and whoever is at that computer would be able to log in. Sharing usernames for users on separate computers will not work, though. When you are logged in and someone tries to log in with that username on another computer, it will kick the first person off and the second person will take over that user's session. Each user can only be logged in to one computer at a time.


If you have an employee leave, you can either log into your web portal to remove/replace that user, or you can email/call us to replace the user. To protect your data, adding, replacing or removing users must be done by an account manager, which you will be able to name when you get set up.


What if I have multiple locations?

For setting up multiple locations, it is possible to have all of your inventory and customers in one system, which would be shared between locations and accessible from everywhere. If you have any customers or inventory in any secondary Frazer systems, you will need to enter them into the new system manually. Each additional address on the license will cost only $300 per year.




If you have any further questions you can call our normal support number at 888-963-5369.