Quickbooks Transfer Error

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Quickbooks Transfer Error

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If the setup to link Frazer with QuickBooks was not done properly, the following error may occur:

“You cannot use more than one A/R or A/P account in the same transaction”.


One transaction in Frazer may possibly result in more than one Accounts Receivable (A/R) transaction (such as a payment that credits both A/R and Service Receivables.)  Or one transaction that posts to two Accounts Payable (A/P) accounts such as Accounts Payable and Floor Plan Payable. QuickBooks does not allow this.


To resolve the error, only one account in QuickBooks is classified as Accounts Receivable and one as Accounts Payable – all others  are classified as Other Current Asset or Other Current Liability (See Part I: Initial QuickBooks Setup for Matching Account Types).  Then one account in Frazer transfers to the QuickBooks Accounts Receivable account and one account transfers to the QuickBooks Accounts Payable account.