Setting up the F&I Express Integration

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Setting up the F&I Express Integration

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To get setup with F&I Express, make sure you are on the most current version of Frazer, first.
(How to Update Frazer)


Click Enter Sales at the top of Frazer, select a saved prospect, and then click the
F&I Express button, here :

F & I Button Sales Screen


Afterwards, click the button to get set up, here :

F&I before logging in3


From here, click "Download enrollment form".




Or, just click the link below.

Frazer Enrollment Form  

Fill out the form, and follow the instructions at the bottom to submit it. (Make sure to check the box next to “Frazer”.)
In 5-7 business days, you will receive a call from F&I Express and they will give you your Frazer credentials.


After you get your credentials, click Enter Sales again (in a saved prospect) in Frazer and Click the F & I Button larger Button again.
Now, click the “Already signed up? Click here to login and get started” button, below.

F&I initial login screen3

Once you've clicked this button, a login screen will pop up :


Enter your Creds


Enter the credentials you should now have in the fields there and click “Login”.
You’re all set up and can now use the integration!


Successful Creds


Click for Instructions on how to use the F&I Express Integration