Using the F&I Express Integration

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Using the F&I Express Integration

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Before using the integration, you first need to get it setup properly.
If you haven’t done so, click here: Setting up the F&I Express Integration
If you have, continue below.
While working on a current, saved, prospect, click the F & I Button larger on the sales processing screen.
F & I Button Sales Screen




You should see a screen like this after entering your credentials :


Sending to F&I


You can click "Send to F&I Express" to send your prospect info over to F&I Express's portal.
It will open up and sign you in, automatically.
After clicking to Send2


Add whichever products you need, and print whatever F&I Express paperwork you require.

Afterwards, in Frazer, click “Retrieve from F&I Express” to pull the new data back into your prospect.

What happens after adding creds3

You’ll see the products you added in the optional fees section on your sales processing screen.


What you get after retrieving


From here, you can click Complete as Sale, and then print any necessary Frazer paperwork just like normal.
As always, for any questions, please call Frazer Computing at 888-963-5369.