E-Mailed Receipts        

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E-Mailed Receipts        

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Email Setup


You can set up Frazer to send Email receiptsin addition to regular printed receipts.
Set this up by going to Miscellaneous --> 1 - System Options. From there we can go to tab 4 - Payment Options.


Step 1 - Verify your receipt style (either advanced receipts or classic receipts)




If you are using Advanced receipts you can click Advanced Receipt Options. From there you can check the box to Enable emailed receipts on the General tab.





If you use Classic receipts you can click Classic Receipt Options, and check the box on the top to Enable emailed receipts.



Once on the Email Setup window it will prompt for your email provider.emailsetupwindow

If you have any of the emails listed next to the 3 main buttons you can click the corresponding buttons and follow the steps to get it set up.
If you use a different Email not listed next to the 3 buttons for the different email providers you can click the Manual Setup tab on the top



After you enter the Email Address and Password you should be able to click Save Settings and Test on the bottom everything should work just fine.



If the setup fails there are a few things to check. The main thing is to make sure the password matches what you use when you sign into the email. If it was updated recently make sure to go into the email setup just like before and update that too.  


If Frazer says the setup was successful you can press ok.
Don’t forget to save your system options before you close out of these screens or these changes may not be saved.