Emailing Classic Receipts

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Emailing Classic Receipts

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Using Classic Receipts:

The next set of steps will apply only when using “Classic Receipts” in Frazer. For setting up email with “Advanced Receipts”, click here. Frazer does not recommend using "Classic Receipts".


The setup:

Navigate to the “Miscellaneous” drop-down menu and then click on “System Options > 4 – Payment Options”. From here click on the “Classic Receipt Options”.




Once in the Receipt options menu check the second box from the top to “Enable email receipts” and then click the “Email Setup” button.



f you are using an email provider listed, you can select the appropriate button and then follow the steps to enter your credentials as well as (in some cases) give  the Frazer program access to you email account.

If you are not sure who your email is provided by then you can enter your email in the box below and select “Autodetect Provider”. If your provider is not one of the quick links above then Click here to read about manual email setup.


Once you have determined your provider and set everything up (Don’t forget to enter your “From” name in the box!), your screen should look like this:




Once you see a green “Setup Complete” message, you can click “Done” and then “Save” and you should be ready to email receipts. After set up you will receive a test email in your email account. If you have received this, then you are set up and ready to go!


What if I use a provider that isn’t listed here?

Click here for manual setup instructions.


For classic receipts, the emailed receipt is fairly bare-bones and does not include ANY balance or customer information. This is a compliance issue and unfortunately we cannot add any more information to this style of receipts. For more advanced receipt options Click here.