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Setting up Frazer To Work With OnTime:www.ppsontime.com 877-587-4777


This step only needs to be done once.  You will need to go into the system options and check the box to use OnTime.  To do this,


select Miscellaneous off the main window, then


select 1 - System Options, then


tab 2 - Sales Options 2, then


click on the Starter Interrupt Device Options button (it's in the lower right corner of the window).


Be sure a check mark is next to the box Add Option to use OnTime system.  Once you have selected this option you will be required to enter your OnTime User Name and Password.


You will also be asked to enter the default Time of Day that you want the device to Shut Off, and how many grace days you want to give your customers.  You will be able to change this for each customer at the time that you create the OnTime contract.


You will also need to enter your Site ID #.  This is usually number 1 but you should verify this by running the "Site # Search" program.


  Just click the Site # Search button,


enter your OnTime user name and password, and


click Search.


If you have multiple site ID #'s, you should enter them in the Site ID #(s): field by separating them with a comma. For example, if you have site ID numbers 1 and 2 enter them like this: 1,2


Important step: if you have been using the OnTime devices before integrating them into the Frazer system you need to do the following.



The Frazer stock #'s need to be added to the OnTime files so that the Frazer program can find the information it needs.


To do this you should make a list of the stock #'s of all customers that are in the OnTime system.


Then click on the button labeled "Prepare existing OnTime customers for use".


You will then need to select each customer, enter their stock number into the "External identifer" field, and click Save.


Do this once for each of your customers and you will have created the link between the Frazer program and the OnTime data. You will never need to run this program again - it's only used to create a link between the OnTime customers that you had before using the Frazer software.

Some Other Options Are:


Display code on special window when generated - If this option is checked a special screen will pop up after a payment is taken that will display the new code.  This screen will also give you an option to print a "code ticket".


Print code on receipt - If this option is checked then the code will print on your receipts.


Click Return to System Options Menu and then click Save on the System options window to save your data.  You will now always have the option of telling the Frazer system that a customer is using the OnTime system.

Setting a Customer up with OnTime


When you enter a sale, you will find a "Starter Interrupt Device" option at the bottom of the Customer tab. Click the OnTime option if you will be using OnTime with this customer.  You will be able to then change the time of day the device will shut off, the number of grace days, and the Site ID # (if you are using more than one site.)  When you save your sale all the sale data will automatically be saved into the OnTime system.


If you want to wait until after the sale to set the customer up as using the OnTime system you can select the Ontime option by selecting the customer using the Customer Activity screen, then select B - Customer Processing, then option A - Customer Information and Costs, and then the Miscellaneous tab.


Once you have created the OnTime contract you will still need to Upload the data directly to the OnTime device.  You can do this off the main OnTime window found n the middle of each customer's Customer Activity screen.

Using OnTime within Frazer

When you enter a payment that advances a customer's due date then a new code (or codes) will be generated.  These codes will print on the customer's receipt or code ticket (or both) depending on your selection in the system options.

The OnTime button on the customer's activity window will allow you to review all previous codes produced for this customer.  The Print Listing button will print a list of all these codes.  The Print OnTime's Listing will print a special report produced by OnTime - this report will include all codes that have been produced for your customer plus all future codes.  Obviously this is not a report that you want your customer to see.

The Create New Contract button will only be enabled if you have not already created this contract in the OnTime system when you first entered this sale.

You also have the option of releasing a future code to a customer without entering a payment by selecting the Release a Code button.

For Customers Already Using OnTime Before Implementing OnTime in Their Frazer System

The Frazer system will always make the customers Stock # / Account # to also be the Account number in the OnTime system. This works fine when you enter the sale in the Frazer system and then create the OnTime contract in the OnTime system. However, if you have already been using the OnTime system then your account numbers in Ontime will be different than your stock number in Frazer.


To change the OnTime account number in Frazer to match the OnTime account number do the following steps:

Select your customer using Customer Activity

Select B - Customer Processing

Select A - Change Customer Information and Costs

Click on the Miscellaneous Tab

On this window you will be able to change the OnTime account number to match the account number in the OnTime system.


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