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Frazer tries to provide programming to tailor the functioning of the system to the laws of the state that you are operating in. These may include specific tax rates for various municipalities, state specific forms or interest and late fees limits Because of this, the functioning of the system may be different from one state to the next.


Tennessee IADA


Tennessee Department of Revenue




Default Fees


Frazer Provides a System Option to set your Default Government Fees. Check with your local agency to verify the correct amount for your area.


tag title fees




State Taxes



State Single Article

This tax is charged on amounts over $1600 up to $3200 according to Code §67-6-202 a.


Local Tax

This tax is charged on the first $1,600 dollars of the sale according to Code §67-6-702 a 1. The rate can be up to 2.75%. To figure out the maximum tax that can be charged, multiply $1,600 by the tax rate and enter the result in the appropriate space.


TN Department of Revenue Local Tax rates - Click Here to check local tax rates by city.


Business Tax

If it is charged, the tax rate is .15% of the sale price according to Code §67-4-709 2 a. This item is taxable if it is charged to the customer.


Service Contract Tax Rate should be a combination of State and Local tax rates.