A-7 Departments

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A-7 Departments

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A Department is used to separate accounting data within the same copy of Frazer.  You may add departments from the Accounting >> 7 - Departments window. You may print both the R-4-1 Financial Statement report and the R-4-2 G/L Listings report for different departments.




The window browse allows you to see all departments that currently exist in the system. To Add, Change, or Delete a department, simply click on the associated button.  Similar to Miscellaneous > 6 – Change Seller’s name on Receipts the departments section allows you print different addresses on receipts based on location and/or ratings.  


Clicking Add will allow you to enter a new department in Frazer:



Note: In order for a different name to print on receipts, all parameters for the department must be met.  For the above example, a customer’s vehicle would need to belong to location code “2” as well as have a customer rating of “2”.