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This is an overview of the main buttons in the Frazer Program.


vehicle file


This is where you manage your inventory. Adding vehicles and managing your vehicle costs and added costs. You can view both your current inventory and your sold inventory.


Enter Sales


This is where you build your deals and add the customer information. You can attach vehicles to sales, as well as Lien Holders. And they can either be Completed, or saved as prospects for you to complete at a later date.


Customer Activity Button


Once your sales are completed, they can be found under Customer Activity. Cash and Wholesales will be listed here with a zero balance. Paid out Customers will also appear with a zero balance. Buy Here Pay Here customers, and Outside Lien Holders will show a balance until payments are recorded. You can also add payments, process Repossessions and Write Offs and edit the customers information.


Forms Pritning


This is where you go to print all the paperwork for your deal. The Bill of Sale, Title Application, Retail Installment Contract and more. By default it will print the last deal you were working on, but you can select any customer or prospect to print for.