Troubleshooting SiriusXM

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Troubleshooting SiriusXM

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Troubleshooting the SiriusXM integration
A number dealers have had some confusion about the integration.
This FAQ/Troubleshooting page lists some of the issues you may run into.



1. The SiriusXM app. Why aren’t my vehicles activating through the SiriusXM mobile app?
 - The mobile app has nothing to do with Frazer at all. If it won’t
    activate the radio on a certain vehicle, check to see if Frazer                  
    can activate that vehicle’s radio. If so, you should contact          
    SiriusXM about their app’s functionality.


2. I’m clicking the big blue “activate” button on my vehicles, but nothing’s happening.
 - Be sure you’ve actually signed up with SiriusXM before trying
    to use the Frazer integration.
    For sign-up instructions, click here.
 - You may experience issues activating vehicles if you have
    antivirus/firewall programs or if you are not connected to
    the internet.
 - Also, make sure you’ve updated Frazer recently. (for update
           instructions click here) An outdated Frazer can play a huge role
    in many of the issues you might run into.

3. Frazer shows that this vehicle does not have a factory installed radio, but I know that it does.
 - Double check the VIN's accuracy.
   Then click the link below and test the VIN with SiriusXM online.
    SiriusXM VIN Lookup Tool

 - If the vehicle is eligible and Frazer is wrong, click the Re-check Vehicle Vin
    button to have Frazer attempt to update that info.


 - If that doesn't work, update Frazer's VIN decoder. (Instructions here). Then try rechecking
    the VIN.
 - If this does not work, call Frazer at 888-963-5369.



3. I have a customer that found out about the Free Trial that SiriusXM offers. They’ve got a SiriusXM radio, but the vehicle’s not in        inventory anymore. How can I get them their free trial?


-Have your customer call 1-866-635-5027.
You can’t activate their radio for them anymore, but they can still take advantage of that trial if they call SiriusXM.