Delivery Format

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Delivery Format

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Advanced Receipt Options



Click a tab below to get specific information on it.





Receipt Size

You can print 4 different lengths of the advanced receipt. All of these offer varying levels of info.


Use Classic Font

Advanced Receipts print a font that you may not like. Check this box to switch to the classic version.



Number of receipts to print

Changing the number here will change the amount of receipts you print at once.



Enable emailed receipts

Check this box to enable and setup emailed receipts. Once you check this, another box will appear. Follow the instructions in this box to setup
    emailed receipts. Feel free to call Frazer at 888-963-5369 with any quesions.



Also explain emailed PDF passwords in Spanish

Advanced Receipts allow you send more detailed, protected information to your customers.

Because of this, Advanced Receipts include an encrypted PDF attachment that requires a password to be opened.
Password instructions are in the email body, and are always the customer's (main account holder's) last name (first 4 letters in lowercase) and their date of birth.

Checking this box will include a Spanish version of those instructions in the email.



Print Co-buyer's name on receipts

Checking this will include the Co-buyer's name on the receipt.



Print receipts automatically (instead of prompting)

Normally, you will be prompted to print a receipt when you take a payment.
Checking this will remove that prompt, and just print the receipt instead!



Print explanation when omitting account summary on older receipts

Account Summaries are only available on the most current receipt.
Checking this will explain why there is no account summary on receipts for older payments.



Allow custom messages

Checking this will allow you to add a message to a receipt.
There's an Add Message button at the bottom-right of the receipt printing prompt window.